Sharon Hughes

“I am completely obsessed with colour. I love how particular colours, and colour pairings, can make you feel.”

Inspired by abstract style and colour selection, Sharon Hughes creates abstract paintings from her studio on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful sunny Queensland.

Sharon’s paintings bring a sense of calm through colour statements, modern design and textural elements. She works intuitively and organically to create modern and playful yet balanced compositions that are rich in colour, depth and texture.

Creating pieces with the highest quality art supplies and predominantly working with acrylic paint, Sharon will often use different application techniques and mediums to achieve her desired results, adding in mixed media, ink, textures, mediums, oils and pastels.

Sharon loves the excitement as ideas and colours form and develop, not ever quite knowing where the process will take her.  Each piece is the perfect balance of modern and bold colour selection and a tranquil, soothing connection to nature and earth.

Colour is key to Sharon’s pieces; she believes that colours and colour pairings have a direct impact on our mood and emotions. Her inspiration reflects her abstract style and on-trend palettes to produce pieces for modern living.  While her unique artworks are intended to make a statement in any space, her pieces are something you will cherish for years to come, bringing fascination, calm and wonder to anyone that walks into the room.


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